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How We Give Back

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Why We Do What We Do



Every life matters

  • Shelters take in around 7.6 million pets ever year. Currently, around 2.7 million actually get to leave the shelter alive… meaning 4.9 million are either euthanized or passed from not having funds for proper care.


Where is YOUR money going?

  • The annual cost of taxpayer money that’s used round up, house, kill and dispose of homeless animals is 2 billion dollars.


Understand. Inform. Educate.


  • We believe all dogs are born good dogs. Many times they are misunderstood due to trauma from their past. We want to help others understand that lovable dogs are being euthanized every day and all they needed was some compassion,


Completing families


Daisy was on the soon to be euthanized list after being hit by a car and breaking several bones and her pelvis. She spent almost 2 months locked up in a cage in the shelter suffering and in pain. Needless to say, Daisy is my part of my family now and I couldn’t ask for a more perfect dog.”